Evaluarea unui coleg

Azi a trebuit să predau o evaluare ( în engleză), atât profesională cât şi personală, a unui angajat relativ nou ( 5 luni). Mi-am scremut creierii să fiu cât mai elegant în exprimare ( după tot ce-am pătimit cu el) şi asta am trimis:

Hi all,

I’m writing you about M***** and his role in our company. When we hired him, I knew he was a beginner and I’ve given him chances upon chances upon chances, just to prove that he has at least the ambition to learn. And I have really been the mother of all patience in the world. I’ve even given him homework, just so that he could learn something. All for naught, though.

The guy lacks elementary logic! He has no idea what’s being asked of him to do, doesn’t grasp concepts he just has to implement with an example right in front of him and no inclination to anything remotely close to programming. Everything that I gave him to work on I ended up doing it for him.

He also lacks communication skills. Yesterday, he wasn’t able to explain to O***** how the H*** orders process should go. All he had to say was: you select H***, input the PO number and you’ll get a csv file back. He mumbled for ten minutes about variables and read php code to her! This is the kind of thing that dumbs you down, just for being in the same room when it happens.

Honestly, I’m fairly confident that he is the most simple minded functional person I’ve ever laid eyes upon. May God have mercy on his soul!

Totodată m-am hotărât să dau şi un mic test psiho la următoarele interviuri, pentru că nu se mai poate!


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